Name: Paxton
Golden Retriever
Sarah Cantrell
Bachelor's Degree
Doggy Boot Camp
Cibolo, TX


“Thank you Canine Instincts.  You worked wonders with Paxton.  Since his completion of your doggy boot camp and his  Canine Bachelors Degree,  my Paxton has gone from being just another “good dog” to a confident,  well-mannered, easy-to-communicate with,  all ‘round fun-to-be-with pooch.  Plus,  maintenance of his skills is a snap, especially since Canine Instincts did the hard part (i.e. the actual training).   I know it may sound corny to say,  but… I often tell people that since his training,  he is now  is now truly “golden”.   Thanks again…P.S.  I can’t wait to start the Masters program.”

-Sarah Cantrell


Name: Chula
Breed: Pitt Bull
Owner: William & Evelyn Barnes
Graduated: Master's Degree
Program: Doggy Boot Camp (Private)
Location: San Antonio, TX


As pit bull owners we face a great challenge as our beloved dog Chula is often judged upon sight. Carlos uses dog-friendly techniques and teaches with an emphasis on trust and cooperation so we can truly be our dog's best friend. He taught us to train Chula with compassion, respect and positive reinforcement.  Carlos used modern training methods based on the scientific principles of animal learning theory that made Chula become a well behaved dog within 24 hours of his first visit.  Chula responded at a remarkable speed, and we noticed her first major change after he taught us the ‘feeding schedule’.  His insight goes far beyond self discovery. Learning was at a comfortable pace for both owner and dog.  And as Carlos promised he followed up even after Chula was done with her training program.  Thank you Carlos and K9 Instincts for helping us become responsible dog owners.

-William & Evelyn Barnes


Name: Heroe
Breed: German Shephard
Owner: Olga Lopez
Graduated: Bachelor's Degree
Program: Doggy Boot Camp
Location: San Antonio, TX


Hi, everyone! I just wanted to tell everybody that a month ago I found an awesome dog trainer through craigslist. My dog (the most beautiful German Shepherd on earth, of course is my opinion), was being very unruly, disobedient, he was tearing down my backyard fence, he was mouthing me, he was pulling so hard on the leash that my back was aching, he was running inside the house, jumping on me, etc. Well, I had been researching for good prices and quality of dog training. When I encounter an ad for this website about a Training Academy with ( www.CanineInstincts.com ) the trainer Mr. Jech came to my house and explain to me everything he would do to train my dog. He came then later and took my dog for 28 days. My dog came back to me today transformed. I am in awe of what a superb job Canine Instincts did for my dog. It was worth every penny to have a well rounded and happy dog (by the way the tuition is very affordable). Carlos stayed and coached me for about 4 hours showing me how I can better communicate with my dog. He walked me through every single thing. Thank you K9 Instincts.

-Olga Lopez

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