Dog Training Takes Teamwork

Don't think of training your dog as a you versus your dog endeavor. Think, instead, about the two of you being on the same team, albeit in different positions. Consider yourself the quarterback, if you like: You call the plays. Maybe you've noticed that the quarterback doesn't get very far without folks to follow those plays. Winning is a team effort.

Of course, your dog has to learn the plays first, and you're the one to teach him. But this relationship is still not an adversarial one. You show your dog the things he needs to learn, and you do so with love and respect, which your dog will return in kind.

To bring your dog onto your team and show him the plays you'll be calling, you need to spend time with him. Bring him into your life. Let him sleep in your bedroom and practice his "Sits" in the kitchen. The more opportunities for interaction and practice you have, the faster and more reliably your dog performs.



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