K9 Instincts offers several program options for our clients and their dogs. We will always begin with a free over-the-phone "pre-meeting" in order to gather some basic information from you in regards to your particular, unique situation. We understand every dog and every owner is different, so we listen to your issues, your goals and expectations and then offer you our professional recommendation based upon the information you have provided. Please call us for further details on any or all of the programs listed below.

During the 2+ hour consultation, we will come to your home (or previously designated area) and meet with you and your family to discuss exactly what the situation with your dog/family entails. After we have heard your concerns and expectations, we will discuss with you EVERYTHING you will EVER need to know in order to get everything you want out of your relationship with your dog. We will then work with your dog, showing you proper leash handling techniques as well as the foundation of a well structured walk. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions, but you will soon discover that every question will have the same answer (with a specific twist). Included with every consultation is: one (1) K9 Instincts Tshirt and Special rope slip leash (one for each dog involved in consultation) and lifetime of free email follow up.

Doggy Boot Camp:
This boarding program is tailored to dog owners who may not have the time or physical capability to follow through on the original foundation work, so K9 Instincts builds this foundation for them. This is a minimum 2 week course where your dog physically boards with K9 Instincts Training Academy and recieves basic obedience training along with any slight behavioral modifications that were talked about at the consultation or phone conversation. Sometimes, former consultation clients may still seem overwhelmed and decide to go for the Doggy Boot Camp program after their initial consultation. In this case, we will credit 75% of your consultation cost toward your Boot Camp program if this option is chosen.

Your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash and will be able to hold commands under heavy distraction. Your dog will also be socialized with our stable pack and other balanced dogs during its time with us. Your cost also includes a Dogtra remote collar training system*. The remote collar system is used very humanely and it is imperative that you as the owner understand and feel comfortable using the collar as well. Because we feel such great responsibility to ensure that each collar is used by it's owner in the correct human manner, we spend and extra week of transitioning your dog back from under our control to your home (this is also why we will NEVER sell a remote collar system without the training). We must be certain that you are in control of your dog and have a ease of use with the collar system before K9 Instincts hands all control back to the owner. Then, one follow up visit will ensue to make sure that the training is being followed through on a daily basis.

Doggy Boot Camp package includes:
K9 Instincts personalized training packet outlining all obedience covered in your training, one (1) K9 Instincts T-shirt, Dogtra remote collar system (fully waterproof and 2 year warranty), a framed personalized graduation certificate, special slip rope leash for each dog in program, one (1) follow up lesson after transition period and lifetime of free phone/email follow up consultations.

Have more than one dog? We'll help you out!
For customers with multiple dogs, purchase one Doggy Boot Camp program and your second dog for same program is $250 off! A third dog is $500 off!
*Boot Camp program still possible without use of Remote Collar Training System. Program may differ in duration and/or cost. Please contact us for details.

A rehabilitation candidate would be a dog with more severe issues, such as dog/human or dog/dog aggression, anxious/shy/fearful dogs, etc. The goal of rehabilitation is to start over with a dog...to wipe the slate clean and use our DETOX method. Using this method, we will show these dogs that they must be responsible parts of a pack...and if they choose to take advantage of the priviledges they are incrementally given, then they will be revoked and we will start over again. Your dog will learn that humans control all resources and will become participating members of our pack. Time is not the concern of a rehabilitation project, as we will take as much time as necessary to be sure that we can transition a balanced dog back into your own pack at home. Minimum rehabilitation time is 4 weeks, but some more extreme cases can take several months to get earn your dog's respect, get control and return him to a balanced state. K9 Instincts will notify owner(s) no later than 3rd week if dog should be kept longer than 4 week time period.

Rehabilitation program includes:
Dogtra remote collar system (fully waterproof and 2 year warranty), K9 Instincts produced packet outlining your dog's progression and commands that will be created for you, one (1) K9 Instincts T-shirt, special slip rope leash, transitional one-on-one period where K9 Instincts will work/train with you to fully acclimate dog back into your pack (usually between 2-3 weeks after rehabilitation program ends) and lifetime of free phone/email follow up consultations.

*In extreme cases of aggression and/or anxiety, cost may be greater due to extended boarding times and training. K9 Instincts will provide final cost before beginning any rehabilitation program.







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