Payback Loyalty Program

Here's how it works:
When you begin any training program or consultation with K9 Instincts, you will be issued an officially designated "Payback" ID number. Whenever you refer a new client to K9 Instincts, provide your "Payback" number and/or name (both is best!) to your potential client (We will provide you with business cards with your name/ID# on back). We ask all new/potential clients how they heard of us, so we'll be sure to get you credit for every referral. You will be notified by K9 Instincts (phone/email) for every new client that you refer to us once they have paid in full and started their training program.

Here's how it works:
For paid consultation clients:
If you lead five (5) clients our way and all five (5) sign up for a training program that is equivalent to the value of a consultation or higher, you will receive full money back for your consultation! For every additional client you refer to us that signs up after the initial five (5) clients, we'll send you $10! No cutoff either...you keep sending us business, we'll keep sending you money!

For paid Board & Obey and Rehabilitation Program clients:
If you refer three (3) clients to us and all three (3) sign up for a Doggy Boot Camp or Rehabilitation program, we'll send you $500! If you want to keep going and refer a total of five (5) clients to us and all five (5) sign up for our Doggy Boot Camp or Rehabilitation program, we'll send you another $500...that's $1000 so far! Still need the money? Okay, well if you get ten (10) people to sign up for a Board & Obey or Rehabilitation program, we'll send you another $1000! That's $2,000!

For both Rehabilitation and Doggy Boot Camp Clients:
Any referral that signs up for a consultation will earn you a $10 paycheck! No minimum number of referrals required!

Official Payback Program Rules:
All referrals must sign training agreement with K9 Instincts and make full payment before refunds are given to referring customer(s). Referrals must sign with K9 Instincts and pay in full for program equal or greater than referring client's program for client to be eligible for refund. All rules are as described above in Customer Loyalty Program section. Monetary refunds will be issued to customer by check in standard mail or credit card reimbursement if available. Please allow 14-21 days after commencement of training of referred customer for payment to arrive/credited to your account. K9 Instincts has the right to change any and all pricing at any time without reason. Value of customer refund determined by cost of program at date purchased from K9 Instincts.

We've got Special Incentives for Canine Industry Professionals!
We like to take care of those who take care of us (and our dogs)! So for those working in the industry of dog care (including Veterinarians, Groomers, Boarding Kennels, Dog Day Care operations and other professional established canine related businesses), K9iTA would like to offer you a special "Industry Incentive" to help us spread the good word on our company! If interested in learning more about this program, please contact us by phone (210) 204-7614 or email at info@canineinstincts.com (subject line: "Industry Incentives").









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