K9 Gift Card

Know someone who really needs to get control of their dog but can't convince themself that it's worth paying for? Maybe just looking for a unique and life-altering gift idea? Try our K9 Gift Card system!

It works just like a gift card. You name the program (Consultation, Doggy Boot Camp, Rehabilitation and Boarding Services) submit payment to K9 Instincts for amount of program cost and we'll issue you a redeemable gift card valued at the purchase amount. We all know, a life with dogs can be as unpredictable as any, so our K9 Gift Card never expire! We can even mail your K9 Gift Card directly to its intended recipient, with a personalized note from you! There is no guarantee that our prices will always be the same, but when you purchase a K9 Gift Card for any of our programs, you lock in the price of that program as advertised at date of purchase. If purchasing K9 Gift Card for boarding services, please specify this when ordering. K9 Gift Cards redeemable for boarding services must be purchased in increments of $20 ($20 minimum purchase).

For further details on our K9 Gift Card program, contact us by phone (210) 685-6869 or email us at info@canineinstincts.com (subject line "K9 Gift Card Program").








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